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The Fashion Shop carries full line of mattresses by Bemco, the creator of the first pillow-top mattress. If your mattress isn’t allowing you to get the sleep that you deserve, visit The Fashion Shop. Our sales professionals will help you choose the perfect mattress for your sleep style.

Posture Sleep Set Collection

Bemco’s most popular series, the ultra-premium Posture Sleep Set Collection ranges from firm to ultra-plush. It features the unique Posture Zone┬« Suspension System, an advanced sleep technology to help you enjoy healthy sleep. The Posture Zone Suspension System consists of these key elements:

  • The unique Posture Zone Surface with luxurious, premium grade upholstery and insulation layers
  • The Posture Zone Innerspring designed to provide heavy duty strength in the center and edges of the bedding. This prevents center/border breakdown where your body weight is concentrated
  • The Torsion BeamTM Mattress border to provide excellent durability and strength

The result is a firmer, stronger mattress construction which offers outstanding comfort, support, and structural integrity. It sets Bemco apart from the competition and helps you enjoy healthy sleep!

MemoryRest Sleep Systems

A good night’s sleep contributes to the quality of your health, your energy, and your life. Bemco’s new MemoryRest┬« Sleep Systems made with viscoelastic memory foam, apply space age technology to give you the ageless luxury and comfort associated with a healthy life.

The MemoryRest’s exclusive memory foam cells are engineered to conform to your exact sleep position. They eliminate pressure points and return to their original shape after use. This viscoelastic technology sets a new luxury standard to give you a memorable sleep experience.

The MemoryRest® from Bemco for the good sleep that supports a good life.

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